Toaster Huggee: A Decorative Handmade Toaster Cover

The Toaster Huggee® toaster covers are beautifully and artfully handmade. It’s made to order, and has decorative stitches on each item.

  • It’s A Magnetic Fabric Toaster Cover.
  • Toaster Huggee® covers are made to last. They are double stitched and durable.
  • It’s design to protect the top & “hug” the sides of metal or stainless-steel Toasters.
  • This cover helps keep air born nasties from falling into your toaster and cooking with your food.
  • It doesn’t completely cover your toaster, but complements it and your kitchen décor!
  • Most Toaster Huggee® covers are 100% cotton. The 2-slice covers are 13×7.5 inches & the 4-slice are 18×7.5 inches & the Long-Slot covers are 12×12 inches.
  •   Custom sizes are available
  • All are handmade! Toaster Huggee® covers are priced between $19 to $35
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Toaster Huggee® Toaster Covers were first launched in July of 2019. This innovated idea was created by the owner of the Toaster Huggee Shop – Maddy. Over three thousand items have been sold with over 400 reviews on and See Maddy’s story on Friday Night Live with Kat Carter.

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Toaster Huggee® cover will hug the top and sides of METAL OR STAINLESS-STEEL TOASTERS.

1.It will help to keep dust, germs, dust mites and other floating particles from floating into the open slots
2. It does not completely cover the appliance, which is still prominently displayed to compliment your kitchen’s décor
3. It’s washable and it securely hugs the sides of most METAL OR STAINLESS-STEEL toasters
4. Handmade in USA


I absolutely love my Huggee Toaster Cover!!! It fits perfect, and looks fantastic!! Fast shipping

Etsy Shopper

It’s absolutely beautiful! I love flowers and this matches my kitchen perfectly! Great Workmanship.

Etsy Shopper

Absolutely love it! Such a great idea and just what I was looking for! Super communication and quick shipping. Thank you!

Etsy Shopper



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