Background Info

The Toaster Huggee ® Toaster Cover idea was birthed as a solution to cover my brand-new stainless-steel toaster, but not completely. The question to answer was, how to protect the open slots of the toaster to ensure that dust, germs, and particles did not float into it, but still display the toaster. I loved how my toaster looked and wanted something to complement, not hide it. 

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This idea intrigued me so much, I learned how to sew in order to make it. 

If you’re a germaphobe like me, you’re having nightmares about stuff that can float or fall into an uncovered kitchen toaster. My solution will not only keep the germs away, but will add to your kitchen décor.  After you’ve paid a pretty penny for your designer toaster – why cover it or put it away in a kitchen cabinet.

Display it prominently, accented with my Toaster Huggee. It won’t slide off, but will hug metal and stainless-steel toasters. Most Toaster Huggee toaster covers are made with 100% cotton, and designed for 2 or 4 slice toaster.